March 26, 2012

SingleChair - untitled

I don't know anything about the photographer (male I suppose but not sure) hiding behind this pseudo, only discovered his tumblr blog recently and know he went straight ahead in my little pantheon of my fave image makers of the moment. It's about savage sex, saliva, sperm, blood, scars, mud, self-vomiting, violence, auto-mutilation, submission, humiliation, pre-death lividity. About most of the things art is hiding behind concepts or provoc-arty stuff. He (or she) seems to become bleaker and bleaker with time and I wonder if the scenes will someday crosses the intolerable path. Here a selection of my fave pictures. If you want to see more, visit his/her blog here. An absolute must for those who, like me, believe the body is the next unknown landscapes to be conquered.


  1. Him. His name is Lee. I first saw his work with the model Kedesh in a book on erotic art. It struck me then with its rawness and it still has that effect. One of my favourite currently active photographers.

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