March 19, 2012

Yva Richard - Corsets, boots and silk stockings

Yva Richard was not a man or a woman, but a man & a woman (L. Richard & Nativa) who created a studio in which, during the 30's (between 1913 and 1943, 30 years), they photographed lots of women wearing boots, silk stockings and corsets in suggestive sexual positions and attitudes, and who are considered as pioneers of fetichism although I find their images not so fetichists, the excitation being mediated also by the model and not only by what she wears. The subject doesn't disappear behind the object (except in some pictures where only her legs or her back is shown), and is not assimilated with an object as it's usually the case in actual fetichism. I didn't find many details about this strange couple, but who cares, their images will live forever and surely longer than most of the artistic attempts of their contempories. To see more, a site here. And some little video clips below.

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