April 24, 2012

Jindřich Štyrský - Emilie comes to me in a dream

"Czech Surrealist painter, poet, editor, photographer, and graphic artist" says wikipedia. Born in 1899, died in 1942 (what a sinister period to leave the world, what a last image you take with you when you fade away). Here, it's for an incredibly strong, subversive and audacious series that I post about him, a series called Emilie comes to me in a dream, and conceived and exposed in 1933 (imagine what a strange year to show what would be considered as the summum of degenerated art by nazis). Collages, he was not the only one and there will be many others later on, but the crude way he show his visions of Emilie, these open female sexes he dreams of, is a great way not to make hypocrite euphemism about the reality if these thoughts all males have when they think about the one they desire. It is said that he thought pornography was the destabilizing medium that could be used to subvert established social and artistic norms. He was only a little early and would certainly be surprised of the vast pornographic imagery available everywhere. Not sure that most of it is not only a way to stabilize things as they are but porno-art should be tried to subvert things I believe it. Anywhere, this is one of the most enduring work from the first half of the XXth century.

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