April 25, 2012

Robert Gligorov - Various works

The previous post was about someone who, 80 years ago, had tried to subvert the eye and the representation through collages with a hard and explicit sexual visions, and this post is about someone who finally tries the same without using sexual parts or pornographic visuals but who push the boundaries outside the usual tolerance. Done over the last 15 years, here is a subjective (and subversive) selection of my faves. Born in 1959 (he's about my age) in Macedonia, living in Italy, he's one of these artists who escape the dead-end conceptualism which is devoring this corporation. In each of these images above, there is a question asked about our own capacity to face some realities. A site here to see more (in very different styles, I don't appreciate everything but I respect the approach for sure). 

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