April 28, 2012

Victor Ivanovski - I Need You (& more)

Sorry, you'll say I got a tropism for eastern photo-art but here again a Russian photographer, who seems to manage a photography school and to create images for more than 2 decades. In some series, his style is rather influenced by Jan Saudek but here, in this selection, it's not really relevant cos' we got this special talent to make reality appears in pictures, real people, real humans, real characters, although it's in no way realism or documentary. Never the underlying symbol covers the models. Ans sometimes there seems to have no symbo at all, just the fascination of the flesh. Actually, this selection, mainly consisting of his "I Need You" series, reminds me of Leslie Krims. An American it's true, but one of the less occidentalized artist. I'll post more by Victor Ivanovski later. Here his site. 

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