May 29, 2012

Rick Poston - Intimacy & Innocence

Sometimes I think I will stop to post artistic nude or soft erotic pictures, cos' I feel they are semantically rather poor, but at the same minute I think I'm an idiot, why do I have to find sense everywhere? If my scoptophilian pleasure is satisfied looking at nude female bodies (or sexual acts or anything I find pleasant or intriguing to look at) why should I avoid it? So, tonight I post some images by a photographer I know nothing about (surely american but not sure of that) and who proposes some strong, beautiful and sensual pictures of women. It's never ordinary, there is always this little something that makes the difference. You can see much more from him here. I selected my faves and salutes the quality of his look on women and the beauty of his imagery. funny detail, the man's head carried by the Salome models is his. A good wink to the nature of the relation between the scoptophilian and his model.

May 27, 2012

Françoise Huguier - Kommunalka

This talented and well-known photo-journalist gathered pictures she took in a St Petesburg community between 2000 and 2007. She went there 2 months each year during 7 years and brought back some stunning shots that avoid any miserabilism and offer a true sensual and moving imagery of the human condition once deprived of all the personal ease we have in our private appartments. It lacks the energy we find in the Russian photography but the French melancholy is present in each picture. Françoise Huguier site here.

Eliane Excoffier - Various works

Another Montreal living artist, rather well-known since she had a retrospective of her work this year, quite early for a 40 years old photographer. Her universe is not without reminding the one by Molinier in its atmosphere, but also Francesca Woodman (one more), with a rather heavy fascination for silk stockings and female legs. But there's much more, and she creates a quite disturbing scenography in some of her shots, just like she had pictured by surprise a fetichist and secret scene between people not wanting to be seen. At least, this is how I interpret some of them. Here, you can look at a very interesting recent video where she is interviewed (not the style of interview I really like) and she is a very very nice person (and beautiful too), far from the usual arty attitude of this corporation. It makes her work still more pleasant to like. Her site here.

May 24, 2012

Mikel Marton - Erected

Montreal is the theater of non-stop manifestations (go on brothers and sisters, these bastards must be defeated), so I break this blog silence (too much work, not enough courage and energy to post) to celebrate male erection with this photographer born hungarian but living in Montreal. I'm not fond of male body, and hardly find it erotic except when the model is in erection. At least, there's something of a true visual poetry when this thing hanging between our legs becomes suddenly hard and stiff, like a sort of surreal stick that doesn't belong to us anymore. These pictures provide a good visual equivalent to this feeling. Here a site about Mikel Morton.

May 20, 2012

Patrick Gomme - Chair Corps

Patrick Gomme is a French photographer working on what is my main obsession: the body. And more specifically, the female body. But here, it's not the female attributes on which he focus his composition, no, it's the skin, its relief, its texture, body skin as a landscape, with all the historic traces, like some geology of the enveloppe in which our flesh is wrapped. The pictures are not modified afterwards (at least it's said so). And with the light effects, we have a fascinating imagery of the real charm of the body. Never erotic, never anatomic, it provides a photographic equivalent of the ancient painting. A site to discover more here.