May 19, 2012

Becky Flanders - Archetypes

Becky Flanders is an American photographer questionning the collapse between representation of feminity and female physiology. No secret that this kind of questionning is a personnal interest of mine (and I add to it male representation and physiology). Here what she said about this "Archetype" series for its exhibition in 2008 : "The work is an attempt to understand female archetypes and femininity itself, in part though mockery, in part as a genuine effort to imitate, to pass if you will, as feminine, despite the biological femaleness that I possess." In this series, she shows herself standing and dressed (or not) in various feminine sterotypes and urinating, this basic functional act that is becoming again (it was in some libertine circles in the XIXth century) a rather erotic image and no more a disgusting one. It's disturbing, rather humoristic and a little unsane too. It deserved to be here of course. Her site (here) is not functional but there's a page about this series.

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