May 27, 2012

Eliane Excoffier - Various works

Another Montreal living artist, rather well-known since she had a retrospective of her work this year, quite early for a 40 years old photographer. Her universe is not without reminding the one by Molinier in its atmosphere, but also Francesca Woodman (one more), with a rather heavy fascination for silk stockings and female legs. But there's much more, and she creates a quite disturbing scenography in some of her shots, just like she had pictured by surprise a fetichist and secret scene between people not wanting to be seen. At least, this is how I interpret some of them. Here, you can look at a very interesting recent video where she is interviewed (not the style of interview I really like) and she is a very very nice person (and beautiful too), far from the usual arty attitude of this corporation. It makes her work still more pleasant to like. Her site here.

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