May 29, 2012

Rick Poston - Intimacy & Innocence

Sometimes I think I will stop to post artistic nude or soft erotic pictures, cos' I feel they are semantically rather poor, but at the same minute I think I'm an idiot, why do I have to find sense everywhere? If my scoptophilian pleasure is satisfied looking at nude female bodies (or sexual acts or anything I find pleasant or intriguing to look at) why should I avoid it? So, tonight I post some images by a photographer I know nothing about (surely american but not sure of that) and who proposes some strong, beautiful and sensual pictures of women. It's never ordinary, there is always this little something that makes the difference. You can see much more from him here. I selected my faves and salutes the quality of his look on women and the beauty of his imagery. funny detail, the man's head carried by the Salome models is his. A good wink to the nature of the relation between the scoptophilian and his model.

1 comment:

  1. I only today saw your blog and your gracious comments - thank you. I make every effort in my photography to have a personal, emotional connnection with those I photograph. I believe that it makes all the difference in capturing the essence of the person and therefore their unique beauty. I hope that you continue to enjoy my work!