May 1, 2012

Ron Terner - Nudes & Couples

Ron Terner is a rather well-known photographer, at least he had several exhibitions, he published 2 books, and he teachs photography in NYC (he must be about 60 yrs now). He even has a personal technique (chemical painting he calls Photo-Tern). Among the load of pictures he did, here a first selection I did, but I'll post another one based more on body parts. Here I selected those I found the more evocative of real sex-action, maybe the most frustrating if you look at them all alone at home dreaming to have someone with you to lose yourself (and her/himself) in this extatic oblivion of mixed bodies, tongues and fingers. Their climax is religious in a way, surely this noise in each shot which gives the impression that we were anonymous "voyeurs". A site where to see more from this artist here

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