May 13, 2012

Ryan Pfluger - Not without my father

One of the most touching and moving project I've ever seen. Done by a young man aged 24. A paternal quest without the usual pathos and lacrymal dimension. A way to use photography for establishing a spiritual and affective link  with a father that never was. I would dream to do the same with mine but I think he'll die with no such link created, and after all that's how life's going sometimes. Actually, this series is not technically and picturally particularly impressive, but the emotional content is surely better due to this apparent amateur appearence of these shots. I'm sure that this young man will do other great things in the future. His total decontraction about his nudity is a plus for his message. Here I posted these pictures in dyptics but I'm don't know whether they were supposed to be this way initially. I think they should since I didn't associate the images but found them this way. His site here, and a link about this series there.

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