May 15, 2012

Scoptophilia anniversary - My faves - Part 1: Women in colour

Raven Starblood

London Andrews by Rick McCawley

Corwin Prescott

Scott Church

Max Sauco

David Lindsey Wade

Jeff Bark

Andre Luiz Pires

Sarah Walker (self-portrait)

Marc Grönnebaum

Two years ago, I began this unlikely blog, featuring pictures mixing various styles, some without real artistic value but interesting content, some with, from pure porn to absolute conceptual, only motivated by an actual scoptophilian inner force and a will to share my findings and my coups-de-coeur with whoever would like to. Not being a real photo-addict, I thought it wouldn't last long before I would be out of something to post (or to write). It was not the case and now I know I could go on for 2 more years without any problem given the vast photo store I have on my computer and the daily treasure I've the chance to find. It's true I discovered that internet was an incredible field of research and that the creativity was unexpectedly richer than I would have dreamed. What I discovered in the first place was that the eastern countries offered a fantastic range of artists (or more modestly, of individuals) who provide a wonderful visual universe. Since my obsession goes to the human body either in its carnal or sexual intimacy or in its social and cultural representation, there's a true homogeneity (and singularity I hope) in this blog's project. My final gift and reward is the number of visitors who is much greater that I would have imagined. Of course, not to write in French but in English (a poor one I agree, but English) allows this blog to receive much more visitors from all over the world (but the majority are Americans) that it would if I stuck to my native language (I love it but few understand it all over the planet). And the final cherry on this cake, are the kind comments that I have received from some of the authors of the pictures I posted. Others have asked me to remove them but for the most part, I got nice messages. Here, for the first series of the fave pictures posted on this blog from its beginning, is a selection of female models, often nudes but not always, and in colour. I could detail why I love so much each of them but I wouldn't be able to find the words in English and finally you don't really care. So here they are. Not in particular order except visual one. I'll post some of my other faves in different themas in the further days. Thanks to you anonymous visitor, whoever you are.

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