June 12, 2012

Aaron Hawks - Various

Don't know much about this Aaron Hawks that is sometimes called Mister Hawks. Seems to live in LA and to do photography and videos (see below for an example). His universe is rather under the influence of some glam dirt porn-like fashion imagery (I think I forgot none of the elements) and involves the margin living people of this sex & drug and rock'n'roll way of life that tends to become a little boring to my eyes but I can't help to find enough strenght in these images (he often goes beyond the usual boundaries of this style) to think it deserves to be explored. Moreover, with his 80's look, Aaron Hawks (he guy on the last pix) is perfectly in line with his images that would have well fitted as New Wave or AOR album cover sleeves during this period (even if most would have censored). His site here.

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