June 14, 2012

Andre de Dienes - Beach nudes & more

Listening to the new Beach Boys (surprisingly good) here some beach girls still older than the survivors of the original band are. Andre de Dienes is much known for his several series of wonderful Marilyn Monroe pictures, the most famous being actually on the beach (and some with delightful colours when most of his work seems to have been in black & white). In the nudes he did with various models, there's a mix between the antics old fashion way to show female nudity and some modern crudity, female body being really carnal, incarnated and the presence of a sex being more explicit that it was in these pudibond times. Andre de Dienes is a very underrated photographer. Always named when it's about Marilyn (he did honestly some of the best pictures of her but it was rather impossible not to make a bad picture of her) but not even a word in wikipedia except in German. Born in 1913 in Transylvania and dead in 1985 in Romania, he never reached the status of the other Marilyn photographers but these shots show how he should be reevaluated. The first ones are montages that are not without surrealistic quality. A text about his relation with Marilyn here.


  1. Do you have any or know where to find the photos he took of Barbara Payton, especially the ones where she is on horse back?

  2. Sorry I don't know this picture and failed to find it after some research.