June 28, 2012

David LaChapelle - Courtney Love

Courtney Love has not a good reputation among Nirvana lovers. I don't care and I even found Hole a better band than Nirvana. Surely she's not the most equilibrated woman on earth but who asks an artist to be equilibrated? She provided a new way to spread a sexual image of women, not the bimbo, not the slut, not the artist, not the mother, not the depraved, something mixing all of them, a sort of complete complex woman probably hated by many for this specific reason (finally occidentals are not far from being the same reactionnary machists than they criticize islamists to be). Here a series of pictures taken over the last decades by David LaChapelle, who is not far to attract the same accusation for his audacious approach of photography in showing sexual and nude situations with very notorious artists. There's something of the decadent and pathetic nature of feminity in these images. Excuse for the definition of the images which is rather uneven.

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