June 10, 2012

Joel Peter Witkin - Enfer ou Ciel

The absence of Joel Peter Witkin in this blog was totally unexplained and unforgivened. With Jan Saudek, Leslie Krims and Francesca Woodman, they are the foundations on which this blog is built. But sometimes, it seems so obvious and trivial to post some essential "masters" (although I don't like this devoted terminology) that time passes and they stay omitted. Visiting the fantastic Witkin exhibition at the French National Library (BNF) has urged me to add this visionary artist to this collection. If you are in Paris (or around) or if you visit Paris, don't miss it (link here) cos' it's a totally moving and disturbing experience as you won't do much in your life of museum or exhibition visitor. Here I gathered some good definition works of this creator (aged now 73 years) that will remain as one of the greatest artist of the XXth century (and still creative in the XXIst). No comment that would deserve pages and pages written in good English what I am completely unable to do. Here a tribute blog. PS. The last two pictures are self-portraits.

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