June 5, 2012

Katie Koti - Chosen blood

This American female photographer (but to specify a gender here seems specially out of place given the trans-gender nature of her pictures) provides a family insight (at least if I understand correctly this word) matching genders, ages and functions, where intimacy and privacy are no more tightened to the interinvidual homeostasis of this human group. Not far from what used to be the hippie dream in the sixties, but with something much more down-to-earth and devoid of any naive philosophy that was the trademark of the post-beatnick era. But leave her express her vision ‘My current body of work, Chosen Blood is an ongoing exploration that brings to light familial aspects of the human experience and the intricate ties formed with others; the bonds between blood and chosen blood. This project explores the intimacy and truths of the body and spirit; innate and extrinsic attractions and behaviors. The closeness of this family is rare. My photographs strive to celebrate this closeness, their wildness, their innocence, their energy, their vulnerability.’ For once, the pictures reach the level of expectancy. Her site here.

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