June 18, 2012

Miron Zownir - Radical eye

If you want something easy to look at, never watch a picture by Miron Zownir, this great photographer is a sort of Goya of the XXth century. From 1978, he gathered in his work all the worst (but this worst is also the best, the most moving and touching in a way) of human condition. Berlin, New York, Moscow are some of the urban areas he explored. This descent in the deep guts of the filfth  provides the most fidel photographic painting of the backsides of the world as it goes. These survivors are just living their lives the less painfully they can. And often, they fail. As we all do. Here some of Zownir words "From the beginning I was always more interested in the down and outs than the successful, the subculture than the mainstream. I was always fascinated by outcasts crossing the borderline, trespassing into a world that is supposed to be off limit". You can read the rest of the interview here. It was time to give this man an hommage in this blog. Here I gathered pictures only on the basis of the quality of their definition but I encourage visitors to see more. You can begin by his site here.

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