June 11, 2012

Sally Mann - Immediate family

Left to right: Virginia, Emmett, Jessie

You surely don't need me to know that Sally Mann is one of the most important living photographer (she's 62 now) and that with this Immediate Family series, she revolutionned the way to do family portraits (photographing her 2 daughters Virginia and Jessie, and her son Emmett). It was one of the most successful and controversed photographic project ever done, and 20 years later, it's still as fascinating that it was at the time it was released. This family heaven has everything of what christians have called the paradise lost. And the underlying evocations of death and time passing by, make these images ones of the strongest artistic achievement dealing with human condition, children magical beauty and melancholy of happiness. This selection is in no way my favorites pictures but the ones I found in enough good quality. My only concern is that the true colors of the pictures are not often respected. Most of them are in a light sepia and this is not always the case in the pictures we find on the net. I don't feel like scanning the images of my book sample. So, I encourage every visitor to buy the book released in 1992. Here a very interesting paper in which you can read this strange confession: "we see these beautiful children, feel desire, and immediately repress it". Strange since I honestly don't feel any desire for these children and do not have to repress anything. Sally Mann site here. Long live to her.

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