June 2, 2012

Various - Weirdies

Don't ask me anything about these pictures. I usually found them in the last years on tumblr or flickr without any details about where, when and who. They have in common to be weird. Weird because they show a strange situation, or sometimes a rather politically incorrect situation. They raise therefore very contrasted feelings since some are rather amusing when others are revolting (the colon with what seems an indigenous girl totally afraid). The one with girls sucking soldiers seems rather ancient. Others seem to be more relevant to an art expression. Last, some have been shot in some parties involving sex happenings but the ones I selected show here again rather unusual scenes. Take it as you want. Consider that these pictures should not be in such a blog or that it's good to mix all the styles, from total art to total trash. It's up to you. I feel like posting more porn or unsane material in the further days since I find this blog a little too much normative these later months.

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