July 12, 2012

Anatoly Toor - Various nudes

Strange guy this Anatoly Toor. At first glance, nothing more than the usual erotic stuff that we can find everywhere now that there are thousands of nice girls accepting to be nude models and not-too-expensive great quality cameras that can make a professional photographer from anybody not too blind. Not my cuppa tea. But among this load of mainstream pictures, you find some that totally break the code and these are the ones I selected here. Not the major part of his production but enough to give him credit of providing an interesting eye in the constellation that we can find in the world. If you want to verify my above words, take a tour on his gallery here.


  1. I agree on yout critique of his work and also agree that there are some outstanding pieces selected and presented here. First and third one, my faves.

  2. Just discovered your blog now, and this little feature confirms one of the reasons I think I'm going to enjoy following it. Yup, not much my cup of tea either, but as you said, they are visually arresting. I'll have to find some time to look around your older postings.

  3. i agree with you, i had the same feelings looking those photos.
    i tried to decide which of them were just mainstream erotic photos and which were not: i couldn't do that easily. i mean, this:
    or those two:
    do have something going beyond the erotism or ironicity, but i can't get out what it is.