July 1, 2012

Charlotte Rampling - A life pictured

Charlotte Rampling is not only one of the best actress in the world, she's one of the most intriguing, fascinating, enigmatic, unpredictable and also beautiful and sexual woman on earth. From the rather common young Carnaby Street model of 1968 centered on her appearance to the mature lady whose soul seems to ooze from her eyes and who doesn't hesitate to show the harm time does to her face and her body, a lifetime in black and white pictures that do not totally say the inner torments she had to cross but explain why she's for many of us one of the female icons of the last half century. Some pictures were taken by notorious photographers such as Helmut Newton or Jean-Loup Sieff. PS. I'm not sure all the pictures are ranged in the correct order but the lifetime scale is relatively respected.

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