July 31, 2012

Noah Kalina - Figure studies

Noah Kalina is an American photographer (from Brooklyn), that offers a very strange imagery, based on apparently simple pictures but always mediating something unsane and sick in it. Not that it seems a voluntary will from her, but since it's in all her portraits, it must be somewhat expected. Here not a very representative series from her, entitled Figure studies but that actually is based on young women alone in what seem hotel rooms, and where you feel that one moment or another they will offer themselves some pleasure. An impression of heavy and tired loneliness, these moments where life could stop you wouldn't care a lot after all, if you could go on a little orgasmic spasm. But this is my own interpretation of these images, influenced by my tonight state of mind and after all I'm maybe totally wrong. Her site here (link goes on the whole set of this series). Thanks to her for providing the pictures in a high quality format and for not using any tool to prevent downloading them. In 2 and half years of Scoptophilia, she's one of the rares to do it and she must be deeply thanked for that. And the other ones blamed whatever is their usual shitload of reasons.

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