July 7, 2012

Pierre Louÿs - Photographies

Pierre Louÿs (1870-1925) was not only one of the best erotic writer (my favorite actually) but also a photograph, not really trying to do art but rather to fix in images his passion: the women he loved but also the female body, and more specifically its most fascinating parts: ass and vulva. It's a rather fetichist approach of sexuality but after all it's a lost fight to do war against our own obsessions. And it was the blessed period preceding the Freudian disaster. So Louÿs cured it with literature, pictures, poems and sexual activities. Here I gathered some of not-too-bad definition pictures of the women who accepted to be his models (such as his passion, Marie de Régnier). The last one shows that he also shot some porno group scenes. I encourage you to read his books, I think they were translated in English although I doubt it is possible to recreate his so elegant and virtuoso style in another language.

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