July 8, 2012

*ugnivers - Poses with skulls

He's French and decided to call him *ugnivers. He also writes Ger ald on his deviantArt page. Don't think these names are good but the important is that the pictures are and they are. More than good, they talk to me a lot. I even might imagine have done (at least tried) something similar whether I would have initiated a new photographic activity. I chose here the ones with skulls. Note that they are self-portraits. I know some of you will consider the style is not artistic enough, but I think this is one of the reasons that emotion is carried from the image to our limbic system and is received. The image doesn't try to build a cultural quality through us. We feel respected. There are more dark self-portraits in his gallery I will post later, but if you're interested, you can go there to see more.

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