August 23, 2012

Alison Jackson - Royals and more

It could not be more relevant than today. And Jean Baudrillard would have loved it. What's real, what's fake, all is pretence. And after all there's no more importance. This cos' we are in a full scandal of Prince Harry pictured naked after a strip billiard (do rich people play to such dumb games? Give us back the money assholes) and Alison Jackson has gained reputation with fake pictures of the same in no more scandalous situation. And honestly, I do not really know which pictures are true and which are not. And seeing the Alison Jackson version, it's like Harry wanted to have the same picture with him, not a look-alike. I don't really understand the philosophy or Jackson's work but it's interesting. Maybe just show that these VIP have anus, rectums, penis and vagina, that they pee and shit and fuck as everyone of us but we knew it anyway. The pictures with the queen doing stupid but every-people occupations are finally better. Her site here (with the real pix on the top without any comment, strange).

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