August 31, 2012

Arnold Mariashin - Various works


I'm afraid you'll finally think I see great photographers everywhere and too often to be trusty, and also that I'm too much Russia-inclined in my tastes, but whatever, I honestly think Arnold Mariashin is a great photographer. His bio says that he was "born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). His first experience with photography was at age eight. He was graduated from the State University of Arts and Culture with a degree in film directing and a minor in photography and history of composition. He uses handmade large format camera and enlarger and develops prints in a small darkroom set up in his apartment bathroom". All this is interesting but what's great is the singular imagery he provides. Of course, several influences could be mentioned but I would prefer not to. So let just admire these pictures and what they tell us about our poor vulnerable and mortal body. His site here (wonderful artworks to buy).

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