August 5, 2012

Marilyn Monroe - Costume test for "Gentlemen prefer blondes"

I hesitated to post anything on Marilyn today, although she was discovered dead exactly 50 years ago. There's a prolific flow of images so why add more? But, I decided to post this series of costume testing for Hawks" Gentlemen prefer blondes" (not one of their best to both of them), because it shows than, as there are sex worker, she was a sort of sex-symbol worker and that in everyday life there was nothing glamour or exciting about it. I honestly don't understand the nostalgia around the fifties, one of the worst period in history, where the American bigotery gave birth to these desincarnated female figures, a world of male wanking while fantasmating on these fake idols, and making love in a christian way to their wives while dreaming of fucking with these movie stars. We had ours too (Brigitte Bardot). Bigotery was universal in these post-war times. Do things changed so much? Not sure actually but it's easier to escape this mainstream representation of male-female relationship than it was then. So, here Marilyn working, and surely dreaming that the session would stop so that she could read something interesting, quiet at home, and (maybe) with a nice companion that cared about her.

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