August 7, 2012

Pilar Albajar and Antonio Altarriba - Tyrannies

This Spanish couple working since the 90's on various representations of social deseases and one of their last series is a perfect way to close Scoptophilia (for holidays only, and if I can find what's necessary to post something, I'll do it, but not sure at all, see you soon). With these images about the various figures of tyranny, I know visitors will have something great to look on each time they'll click to see whether I'm back or not. It's a kind of imagery equivalent of the La Fontaine fables they do here. And knowing in which catastrophic situation is Spain, due to financial predators, no series would be more relevant. A site here. The legends of the pictures are, from top to bottom: power, race, monogamy, passion, order, money, homeland, religion, delicatessen, consumption and information

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