August 3, 2012

Roberto Venegoni - Body in the darkness

One of my best "discovery" in quite a long time. This Italian photographer is actually a factory worker, at least it's what is written on his flickr gallery and this reminds me Jan Saudek in his youth, during the first years of his photographic activity. But Roberto Venegoni is not a young man, he seems to be in my ages, that means about 50, and contrary to most of the recent new photographers I posted on this blog, none of his images are self-indulgent, anecdotical or belonging to a codified style. I didn't have to take a long time to select the ones I found interesting since most of them could have been. If I chose this series, about his body in darkness (they are self-portraits), it's because it's the one that gave me the greatest emotion, being always fond of grown up men showing how time and age worked cruelly on their own body. From Rembrandt (his face), to Egon Schiele (his body), a tradition that photography should have widened but actually it seems that female body is such a fascination for photographers (and most often, rather young) that this genre gave rather few works. In this one, it's interesting as Venegoni mixes a certain aesthetism with a naturalistic approach of the skin and shape "defaults" of his body. Neither clinical or arty, it's a perfect balance and a great series. More from this man soon here. Meanwhile, visit his gallery here if you don't want to wait.

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