August 2, 2012

Simone Ridi - Rabbit Hole (& more)

Don't know much about Simone Ridi except she's Italian, lives in Firenze, and provides an intimate photographic work with models, most of them female, with real sexual content, not far from what would do a male (actually he is) with a rather scoptophilian look on female bodies. Italians are good at it. Surely the best presently to face sexual attractiveness with crudity and without hiding behind some artistic arguments. They use sex as manifesto against a certain power when others seem to have forgot the force the body exposed to public view can have to move mentalities. I don't understand the true message behind this Rabbit Hole series, but I guess one or two things that I wouldn't be able to express in English so I prefer give you a ling to her tumblr site here. I added some other images I like from other series.


  1. I am a male, not a female ... :-D
    Thanks for the article, and for the visit.