August 1, 2012

Various - Witches' Sabbat in Paris

This series of postcards (I only found 6 on the net, maybe there are more) is a touching and kitsch way to show nude females through a supposed demoniac myth. Dated 1910, the Paris location is attested by the Sacré Coeur on the 4th postcard. No photoshop at the times, but nice effect anyway. It seems that the series want to tell us a story but I'm not enough erudite in witches to know witc... oops which one. Nothing artistic or pornographic, but a cheap erotism that allows me to put some fantasy in a blog often too heavy on the dark side of the mind. A little sexy witch to make me drink some of her magical beverages would help to dissipate my blues surely. A site here to know more about sexy witches and where I caught some of the images above.

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