August 28, 2012

Wendy Ewald - Rena Meade, from the Appalshop

Wendy Ewald is an American female photographer a little bit older than I am (there are some in this blog, but less and less) since she's 61 this year. Her CV says “For more than thirty years, Wendy Ewald has collaborated with children and adults around the world, working in communities in Labrador, Appalachia, Colombia, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Holland, Mexico, Canada, North Carolina, and New York. She partners her keen observational and creative skills with her students’ imaginations, encouraging them to use cameras to create individual self-portraits and portraits of their communities and to articulate their dreams and hopes while working with her in visual and verbal collaboration". That must be true. This series was shot when she was 27 yrs, and it's a moving one. Far from my usual photographic body obsessions but tonight I would prefer not to as said Bartleby. Who is this couple, I don't really know (his forename is Oliver, her is Rena) and don't even try to know. Emotion doesn't need this bullshit story behind the scenes. They are icons of several features of human condition and it's enough for me. And what's very intriguing is that Rena looks a lot like my defunct grandmother, whose husband (my grandfather) was named René. The only link to a site for Wendy Ewald leads to a "in construction" one here.

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