September 12, 2012

Antoine d'Agata - Black & White

Since someone offered me today Ice from Antoine d'Agata for my birthday (a little bit too early since it's next week but strangely it's still better cos' I got the good part of the birthday (the gift) and not the bad part (the age)), impossible not to post some d'Agata's pictures tonight. Since it's the 4th post about him, difficult to be novative, but fortunately, I never posted any black & white series from him so this is the opportunity. Black and white. What a better title anyway for such a work? Bad abd evil would be too trivial. Black and white is better since after all some like black most than white and vice versa but we can like it both too. Taken from various sources and series, sometimes distant of more than 20 years, all these pictures have only in common to be from the same photographer... and to be in black and white of course. And don't forget to buy Ice.

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