September 13, 2012

Gerard Petrus Fieret - The Scoptophilian

Gerard Petrus Fieret (born in 1924, dead in 2009) was a weird and singular person. Here a small biography from Julie Saul Gallery (here), better written than I could : "[He] lived in the Netherlands and was trained as a painter at the Academy and self taught as a photographer. He was active in a milieu with no societal restrictions. Fieret maintained a studio practice where he directly engaged with his sitters in a raucous confrontational and experimental mode. There is an open dialogue that is ambiguous and has a performance aspect. Fieret worked in a completely inconsistent and fearless way with creased, strangely exposed prints made in a great range of sizes, with dashing signatures in felt tip pen and studio stamps contributing to their strong graphic presence and dada spirit". If I called this post The Scoptophilian, it's because this man seems to me the quintessence of the old way to be scoptophilian. A sort of visual fetichism of female body parts. Not far from devotion, and religious in a way. For the quality of men/women human relation, maybe not the best in terms of spiritual communion. However, better for women than the humiliation obsession of most contempory scoptophilians, that seem to find their excitation only if women are treated worst than dogs, tied, forced, reduced to slaves or meat. And the variety of body shapes is a real pleasure to see. So now, these pictures seem like a golden age even if I find them far from what I like in nude photography. The last one is a picture of Fieret at the time of the pictures, all from the early 60's.

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