September 25, 2012

Katharina Bosse - A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mother

Katharina Bosse was born in Finland in 1968 and lived mostly in Germany. She's rather famous for her Burlesque performers portraits. In 2009, she published a series of naturalist/naturist portraits of her waiting for her 2 babies, shot in various country landscapes, with some accessories, showing that being pregnant, a mother and in a pastoral environment is not antinomic with sensuality. Sometimes she gives a very primitive figure of motherhood (when she feeds her child or when she is under the wood caban) and other times, there's a much more sophisticated impressionist atmosphere (notably Manet's Lunch on the grass). There's a little bit of provocation and full of humor in these images. Once again, as often with female photographers, they provide a sort of a holy iconography of maternity, but an agnostic one, with natural function (reproduction) as the sole object of cult. Thanks to her to provide on her site these pictures in very high quality. It's always a pleasure to offer to visitors images not deteriorated. Site here (pdf file can be downloaded). This project is often shown in various towns (was shown in Paris but I missed it).  

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