September 29, 2012

Sarah Walker - Clutch

Sarah Walker's self portraits are among my favorites, anytime anyplace. It may seem a little too much when one sees the number of higher notoriety photographs I posted on this blog, and all those who live and lived over the last century, but that's my opinion and I share it. Some years ago, she had a "one-picture-a-day" project in which I had selected some of her self-portraits (here). This year, this young Australian woman does it again "shooting at least one image, accompanied by a quote, every day for a year". Self-portraits are not the dominant aspect of this project, but I decided to extract some (most) of them from the collection (that still goes on) cos' once again, there's something in the "visage" of this young lady that is wonderfully photogenic and raises a special emotion in the viewer's soul. Quotes are her responsability and I don't find them always interesting (and neither are all pictures taken). However, above are gathered self-portraits that I love. Her site here.

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