September 5, 2012

Self-promotion for a book - Représaille

I'm sorry to use space on this photography blog to promote a book I wrote and release this month (on Yunnan editions) but since it's published on a small (but precious) editor without strong distribution circuits, I try all the possible supports to make it known and also to sell it. Not that I want to win money with that, but I'd like my editor (who is kind enough to appreciate what I write and take financial risks to publish it) doesn't lose money. And who knows, he may publish another one in the future, cos' he published one 9 years ago. This is all the more stupid to promote a book written in French here that 90% of my visitors are not French speaking (so neither reading I fear), but maybe in the 10%, there'll some that who have the curiosity to buy it (it's really cheap, 6€, something like 8$). Stupid too since the book doesn't deal about photography or image. Actually, it's a diary (I wrote a diary for the last 20 years), mixing analyses of various subjects that inspire me some ideas (in the Gilles Deleuze's meaning of the word, not opinions) with more intimate notes about the state of my mental illness (depression, melancholia, anguish) and my bad experiences with hell's denizens: humans. Subjects can be discussing the notion of extreme pornography, describing the relations that modern urban people have with the growing homeless and misery in a city like Paris, or the comparison between the conceptions of fortune and poverty in Chaplin and Tati cinema. Among others. There's also some sad and angry statements about the way children are treated by their parents. And I promise my French is much better than my English. Actually, style is the true reason I write. If you want to know a bit more (and if you read French), you can click here. The great bonus of this book is that it is illustrated by one of my favorite painter, the Canadian Lyzane Potvin, and her drawings, done exclusively for this book and based on her reading, are worth the price. She helps me to make a small link with Scoptophilia since I posted pictures from performances she made and her while working (here). So now it's up to you. Since you can use paypal to buy it (here), it's rather easy even if you live far from here (I mean far geographically cos' I often feel nearer of my net visitors or "friends" living at the other end of the world than of most of people the geography forces me to meet in my everyday life. Below are the drawings that Lyzane Potvin did for the book. She has very soon an exhibition of her most recent work in Paris(I'll say more about it later) and finally we are both linked in a way. Thanks to those who will show interest enough for my small person and who will do the effort to buy this little book. dk.


  1. Congratulations! The illustrations look amazing and I am tempted to learn French to be able to read it.

    Sorry for the ignorance but where do I go to purchase a copy?

  2. Thanks Jessicka. You can order it from Paypal here. Directly to the editor (a friend that supports what I write for the last 15 years)
    It's in the text of the post. But not sure it deserves to learn French. Maybe one day, some mad(wo)man will translate it who knows. Nice to read you Jessicka.