October 6, 2012

Boris Hoppek - Photography

Boris Hoppek is a German born (in 1970) artist living and working in Barcelona (so in Spain if you don't have much notion of European geography). He's a multi-media artist and belongs to the category of artists using art for questionning the world, and not to the category of monomaniac artists doing their things without real interest for what people will think of it. I don't really dig these cultural artists whose subversion is often recycled by the society they seem to fight against, as fast as they create but it's true his photographs are disturbing and if their meaning is not easy to understand, they are visually strong. What's very interesting it's that most, if all, of them could have been made by a female feminist, and it's a welcome progress that this fight against misogynie and normative vision of women can be indifferently from male of female artists not allowing the viewer to know of which genre is the author (my English is awful I know and I wonder more and more often whether it's really a good idea to write a comment with the pictures I post). Here's a selection. There's his site to see his latest works.

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