October 20, 2012

Jane Victoria Ellis - Self-portraits

Apparently, this UK photographer is all in narcissism and self-indulgence. But it's only apparently. On the opposite, it's a universal project to take pictures of oneself in quest of some answers to the questions of self-identity, relations we weave with our body, its changes during life, its seduction or its absence of seduction. Scrutinize our face to find traces of what's behind is an obsession some great artists had in the past, from Rembrandt to Robert Mapplethorpe. Here, with her Canon, Jane Victoria Ellis shows without any euphemism what is the skin, the face and the body shapes of the mature woman she became. Not clear whether she wants that we consider her images as nice or true, maybe both. I think she should sometimes chose the ones she decides to keep when she does a series cos' often there's with evidence one of them only that deserves to be selected. I did my own choice, based on my usual screening. Not that I absolutely want to have her naked body on it, but the strongest often have her naked body on it. Her flickr gallery here. Didn't find any site.

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  1. I love this girl...she knows the meaning of "erotism" in photography.