October 21, 2012

Nan Goldin - Works

Strange I never posted anything by Nan Goldin (born 1953) on this blog since her obsessions overlap largely mine. But actually, it's a difficult work to post. Maybe there's not enough on the net to share. And it's not satisfying to gather in one post so different images. Taken individually, they are often not so impressive. It's more the accumulation over such a long time span than results in the impression to have a major artistic work. Showing in a very simple manner things that make our life, some moments suspended in time, between nowhere, neither happy or unhappy, no, this neutral contemplative state we are so often in this small flash in the pan we call existence (definition for "flash in the pan" says "something which disappoints by failing to deliver anything of value, despite a showy beginning", exactly what existence is for most of us I suppose). Some of these shots had problems with censorship, specially the one with children dancing since any child nudity is seen as pedophilia, the eternal inclination of prudes to project their own perverse way to look at things on others. The 7 last of this series are self-portraits taken throughout her life, with the famous ones after she was beaten by her boyfriend. Interestingly her last exhibition was called "Scopophilia" (the more recent way to write scoptophilia, although in France we kept the "t" in it). A welcome coincidence.

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