October 13, 2012

Robert Mapplethorpe - Sexes

I don't think there's any need to add anything about Robert Mapplethorpe (born in 1946, dead in 1989). Except maybe that it's always comforting to see that subversion in art can perdure throughout years, many of his pictures being considered as scandalous (maybe more) now than they were when they were shown for the first time. One of the rare photographers (with Michael Rosen, and more recently Antoine d'Agata, Gilles Berquet or Aeric Meredith-Goujon) not to draw a hermetic line between what's porn and what's art. In these shots, it's often not clear whether they belong to one or another domain but this question is actually for me of few importance. What I want is that a picture touches something in me, whatever it is, sexual emotion is after all intricated with all the other parts of our emotive life. Moreover, these sexes are for me much more pleasant and moving to see than the great major part of aesthetic pictures taken galore. A site ddkted to Mapplethorpe here. He's greatly missed.

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