October 1, 2012

Tania Krosse Kant - Various

Sometimes I don't know what to think of a work but only that I know that I find it interesting, fascinating and that I must post it on this blog. This is the case of this Swedish artist (I don't want to say "photographer" since her pictures are more artistic acts than real photographies) about whom I don't anything else than a small paragraph featuring on all the sites she posted a gallery. These (apparently) self-portraits are not her only approach of art (she seems to sculpt and do collages), but they are rather numerous and compose a weird and strange series. Other artists have done this kind of "me in various environments" style, but with Krosse Kant, there's a surrealist or even dadaist unartistic way to do it, somewhere between artistic and leasure photo. I would like actually post more of non-artistic stuff here. This blog becomes a little bit too arty and politically correct. Maybe because I begin to fear to shock some of my followers that, I suppose, come here to see art and not porn or weirdies. But I should not be influenced. Meanwhile, you can see more of this strange lady here or there.

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