October 26, 2012

Various - Aokigahara, the forest of suicides

"Aokigahara is a 35-square-kilometre forest that lies at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan. The forest has a historic association with demons in Japanese mythology and is a popular place for suicides; 54 committed the act in 2010, despite numerous signs, in Japanese and English, urging people to reconsider their actions". This is from Wikipedia. I don't see what to add. It's considered as the second best place to suicide in the world after the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. But in France we had the Etretat's cliff. I once went there to do it but I was not courageous enough to obey my wish. Funny these places that suicide candidates see as a good ones to kill themselves.

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  1. "Summer grass! All that is left of the dreams of soldiers"