October 11, 2012

Various - Cut it

Today, a group of rapers (not rappers, rapers) were "found not guilty" by courtyard with popular jury because lack of proofs (girls, when you are raped, please, be careful to gather proofs won't you, where's your head dear god?). It's so symbolic of the archaïc situation in which women are in this country that one can only be ashamed to live here. When you think that French women work more than in any other occidental countries, that they have reached an emancipation from their maternal destiny that many arwould dream of, this anachronism, this machist sequel is miserable. Finally, in front of an archaïsm, we sometimes dream to answer by another one, for example to cut their fucking dick to the brain zombies that raped these girls. Wherever they are, I hope the worst will happen to them. Meanwhile, let's imagine through this little series what would be a nice vengeance.

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