November 17, 2012

Alessandro Ragazzon - Melissa Ghezzo.

Here I am again. After an awful week spent (and lost) preparing an oral public presentation for my other life activity. Never again, that's what I always say, and I do it again some months later. Silly me. Back with a fine series of pictures from Italian photographer Alessandro Ragazzon with the "plus size" (but do we have to give categories to bodies and people who have them, not sure) Assilem Ozzehg. There have been quite a lot of pictures of curvy, fat, BBW, whatever you call it, models, and these do not revolution the genre, but they are among the best I ever saw because of the energy they release and provide to the watcher. It's a perfect way to come back here. The photographer page here and the model one there. These pictures were part of an exhibition (unfortunately finished) there.