November 9, 2012

De violence et d'intimidation - Violence and intimidation - Masked nude portraits against the Bill C-309

For months and months now Canadian people (at least some of them) are fighting against the Canadian politicians, first against the increased fare to pay for studying and then against a law that should be voted soon and called Bill C-309. This bill stipulates (here) what's following "This Act may be cited as the Preventing Persons from Concealing Their Identity during Riots and Unlawful Assemblies Act. Every person who commits an offence under subsection (1) while wearing a mask or other disguise to conceal their identity without lawful excuse is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years". It seems the modern power has a real problem with covered faces. They put cameras and police spies everywhere so what is the fuck if we dissimulate our face. Why do we resist to this Abel's eye? Like Cain, we surely did something wrong after all. In France, integrist islamist women are not allowed to wear the burqa, but japanese tourists are free to wear masks against a virtual pollution. Strange, why is it possible for tourists to cover their face and not to people living in France? In Canada, it will thus be impossible to wear anything on the face without having to "face" prison. From here, Canada seemed a land of tolerance and freedom (cos' France sadly is not so much one), it seems we are wrong. This fight is important and these portraits (no name of photographer) are a visually strong and political efficient way to do this battle. The site here.

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