November 18, 2012

Gottfriend Helnwein - The disasters of war

Palestinian children are dying under Israël's government bombs (I don't make any confusion between Israël right wing politicians who drive the country by now and Israël people, and still less with jews of course). It seemed to me obvious to post Gottfried Helnwein work since he's surely one of those who provided the strongest and most enduring iconography about war and violence-induced children suffering. He's one of the greatest artists of the last 30 years. His site here. The title of this series is the actual one (dedicated of Goya of course). It's much longer than this post. You can see the whole of it here. I mixed it with some pictures from The murmurs of the innocents.

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  1. the last pic is more accessible, less subtle perhaps but also more disturbing in its direct impact