December 19, 2012

Cristina Nunez - Higher self

Born in Spain in 1962, Cristina Nunez is a great photographer. Without any arty effect she reaches this elevation of spirit that offers us a visual equivalent of the human condition facing his/her pain (her project is converting pain into art), suffering, fear, age, degradation, end. This series, actually self-portraits so she's not per se the photographer, where she aslo features as a model (pictures 9 and 10) is totally stunning and is a mix between Caravagio and Franz Xaver Messerschmidt. I don't know why but sometimes I think that painting is no more strong enough to give us such powerful sensations. Surely my passion for reality. A site about this great woman here and her site there. More to be posted from her on Scoptophilia soon. Below a video where she does a very impressive and moving statement about this series and more largely self-portraits, my favorite genre whatever art.


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