December 3, 2012

Lauren Crow - Nudes

You maybe saw that I didn't post recently. Actually I was thinking closing my blogs as I closed my facebook page (still open but I won't post anything new on it). It's because when you are used to post each evening you're at home, these damned web medias are like spies allowing to know others whether you are at home or not (or alone or not). Strange to voluntary alienate our freedom not to be under public scrutiny. So, I first thought the better was to stop it all and go back to my anonymous life where nobody could trail me. But another choice is not to post on a daily basis, sometimes but not everytime, so it will be more difficult to be tracked. Not sure I'll go on but tonight I give a try because I love this young female American photographer from San Francisco called Lauren Crow. Young but having produced a greater amount of high quality work than many mature "artists". Here's a first sample, some dressed/nudes people on a white background. Later on I'll post some more from her cause there are many things I find of great interest in very various styles. Two sites about her, one here, another there.

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